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Thread: Trade block

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    I have some second line players available if anyone is interested.

    C Ginger Wiggs - A solid catcher, has dominated in AAA but hasn't had much playing time in the bigs.
    2B Svenbjom Granblad - A solid second baseman who was worth 2.6 WAR back in 1921.
    3B Ed Biddle - A former all-star third baseman. Past his prime but still decent and on a cheap contract.
    LF Monte Labelle - A very good defensive Left Fielder who was a 5 year starter and always had an OPS+ of more than 110. He had a down year coming of the bench but he should still be good.

    All these guys could be starters but are blocked on my team. The only reason I am looking to trade them is they are out of option years and I don't have room for all of them on the major league roster.
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    The Chicago Packers potentially have a few guys available! Looking to deal a couple of these dudes under the right circumstances:

    - 2B Bob Rickey - The 24 year old can play all 3 OF positions in addition to 2B, and posted a 3 WAR season last year while leading the TCBA in SB.
    - SS Ross Youngs - At age 26, Youngs can play anywhere except C or 1B. He posted a 2.1 WAR in just 84 starts, and is ready to take your team to the next level.
    - CF T. Vincent - At age 25, the mysterious T. Vincent is hitting his prime, ready to play all 3 positions and has been described as an "above average big league centerfielder." Hit .346 last year.
    - RF Jake Riche - At age 31, the former #1 overall pick is coming off a 2.2 WAR season where he batted .358 with 45 XBH.
    - 3B Matty Sneller - The 28 year old won't wow you, but he's someone you can throw in there everyday at 3B, LF, or RF, and he'll give you solid production. Hit .324 last year in a part-time role.
    - SS Rip Helton - The great-great grandfather of Todd, Rip brings you solid defense at all infield positions, with 2B possibly being his best spot. One of the fastest players in the TCBA.

    I could use a pitching upgrade or the chance to bolster a minor league system that ranks #19/20 in the TCBA. But I have no money for FAs, so need to try to make my moves on the trade market!

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