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Thread: Talk board games

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingcharlesxii View Post
    Good to hear about Wingspan, that's one I definitely want to try out.
    K and I got a game in with it last night. She's not a super hardcore gamer, but it was a pretty easy teach, fairly breezy game (but there's definitely enough depth to keep hobbyists interested) and she ended up winning on the tiebreaker. It's definitely a game that belongs in any collection. If nothing else, it really is great to look at and the components are really high quality. It's really hard not to fanboy about everything Stonemeier does.

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    Hm. This is the first I’ve heard of Wingspan, but it looks like the rare game Mrs. Ott might be into. I’ll have to check it out further!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel Ott View Post
    Hm. This is the first Ive heard of Wingspan, but it looks like the rare game Mrs. Ott might be into. Ill have to check it out further!
    I cannot recommended it enough! I think it's a great mix of being approachable for a casual game yet deep enough for a hardcore gamer. And it has an important feature that I try to look for in board games: a good solo mode.

    You might have trouble finding a copy. It's been selling out pretty quickly wherever it happens to end up in stock. The publisher didn't anticipate the popularity and has ordered additional print runs. The second run is what is trickling into stores now (and where I got a copy on Amazon before they sold out their stock), with another hitting stores I think in late May and then another in July.

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    I was pretty sick for a few weeks which, along with other new life commtiments, has slowed down the pace of games playing a bit. I've still been able to play a few

    Tzolk'in This is mine and my wife's grudge match game. We both slightly prefer Agricola, but since we've played this more and it takes a bit less time to set up and tear down it's the one we reach for more often than the others. It would have worn out long ago without the expansion. We both managed to crank out three monuments for the first time in recent games.

    John Company The COIN group took a slight detour to this after we had a long discussion about it after the Distant Plain game. I love the game, but this wasn't the most exciting play of it. If most of the players want to play an isolated game and won't pay anyone else to get things from them it loses something. I'd jump at the chance to play it again, but like most heavy negotiation games, it's extremely group dependent.

    18CLE It's mostly the 1830 forumla (by far the best type of 18xx), but the few tweaks give the game a significantly different character. The government company ensures the progression of trains, and also avoids the annoying 1830 trap where someone decides to blow up the game because they don't like how it's going for them. The track roster also makes the track/token placement aspect of the particularly brutal. Private companies also have important functions, in addition to being 1830 style financial vehicles. I love it. It's relatively brief by 18xx standards and should be playable in about 4hrs.

    1822CA As the name would suggest, it's 1822...on another map. The new map is much more interesting to me than the Britain map from the original. Western Canada probably gets a bit more importance than it had historically, but that helps the game. There is a semi humorous aspect of the map where one can either lay around 40 tiles to get from the populated areas of Ontario out to Winnipeg, or there is prebuilt track between Duluth, MN to Detroit which opens up in the green phase??? A few of the private companies have been tweaked. The pullman is no longer quite as good since it only gets as many stops as at does stations. The tax haven is a little better though, in that it can hold multiple shares and gets to use funds accumulated by its owned shares to buy more. I prefer the more financially oriented games (1830 line), but for a straight forward run-good-companies game this one is pretty good. The variable concession, private, minor company start order should make each play different from the last. It does feel that variability of strategy from game to game may be a bit limited. It took around 8hrs to play, which means opportunites for repeated play will likely not be abundant, but I'd given it at least one or two more runs.

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