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Thread: A thread for the live sets

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    A thread for the live sets

    Live sets, full concerts, even just a one-shot if it's all you've got. Post your favourites, post them as you find them, whatever. There's only one rule: You can only post it if you love it.

    These are some I've gone back to many times over the years. If YouTube ever shut down, I think I'd miss these videos the most out of everything I've ever watched on there.

    La Luz, KEXP, Jan 2015 -- Fun surf rock.

    Rose Windows, Nov 2012, KEXP 2012 -- Trippy psych. The have a flute player! And you know, this band has my favourite type of implementation of a flute player in a rock band. She's all about the flourishes and not in your face with the woodwind. She's, like, more Wright from Floyd than that fucking keyboardist from Yes.

    Arctic Monkeys, Liverpool, 2005 -- I love their first album, and this is pretty much all songs off there performed brilliantly. This is peak Monkeys, people. So tight and so much energy. I get a bit tribal when I listen to this.

    Parquet Courts, KEXP, Mar 2013 -- I don't know what genre this is, like indie or art punk or something? Really good guitar work. Most of it is nice and fast (the opener's a ruse!) They have two vocalists and I like them both.

    The Aliens, Greenman Festival, Aug 2009, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 -- I really like stuff that sounds like it's about to fall off the tracks at any point, but it's somehow held together and awesome, and this is a pretty good example. This band is the continuation of The Beta Band, with their original singer who was in a mental institute for a while. He's definitely a little unhinged in this set, but there are some flashes of brilliance here that I love.

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    The Cherry Blossom Clinic on WFMU was one of the all-time great radio shows for live performances. And most of them are archived.

    One of my all-time favorite live sets that the show ever hosted was this 2005 set by Art Brut. You only have to get ten seconds into the first song to understand why they were one of best and stupidest bands ever.
    Dick Allen was a true professional singer. He sang in a high, delicate tenor that belied his powerful body.

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