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Thread: OOTP MLB Manager 2018 review

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    OOTP MLB Manager 2018 review

    I don't think we'll be seeing a link to this review displayed prominently over at the OOTP Dev site:

    America’s favourite pastime broken down into mindless menus, static screens and drop down boxes, with no learning curve for new or old players.
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I’d like to say that MLB Manager 18 has a redeeming feature, but it doesn’t. It’s the most lifeless, boring game I’ve played in a long time. Maybe someone who reads every little detail about the sport will find something to love. You have to be an absolute die-hard fan of Baseball and have the patience of a saint to really get anything from MLB18. As someone who supports a team, watches games, plays other Baseball games on mobile and console I wanted to still be guided around and told about the intricacies of this management sim. Instead, I felt like I was scooped up from Little League practice and told to bat in the World Series.
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    While the reviewer is clearly not in the market for micromanagement-intense text-based simulations of baseball, they're not wrong that OOTP (whether mobile or the full game) does a dreadful job of teaching you how to play it, in that it doesn't even try.

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    If you're not a baseball fan, I can get it being a steep learning curve, but what part of the niche audience for a text-based baseball management sim is a novice to the game?

    OOTP is very user friendly in one aspect, that being the game posing very little challenge to success in solo mode.

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    That hasn’t been my experience.
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