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I'm YNWA myself but it's still a real question. Jesus didn't do shit.
You can be a fan and be unbiased. I agree with you

I'm spurs myself, and I try and be rational about my team. Aside from eriksen I can find faults in everyone's game. I know Alli is dirty, I know dembele is damaged goods, I know Toby and Jan lack pace to play wide. I know Dier is a better defender than he is a midfielder. I know rose isn't the best defender but he makes up for his faults with pace as he's able to recover quickly when he screws up.

But while I love my Spurs, I do think loftus-cheek shouldve started more games. I also think anybody else could've started over raheem sterling.

Then again WTF do I know. Giroud started every game for France and didn't have a single shot on goal I think and it still didn't hurt them 😂😂😂