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    Question for any of you who play solo OOTP: how much do you trust minor league stats vs. scouting reports? (I'm assuming you play ratings-off; if not, solo OOTP seems like it'd only be a challenge if you wanted to shoot for 130 wins per year.) I'm about to head into the 2019 All-Star break of my modern roster Angels save, and I'm locked in a battle for the division with the Astros. I had a guy who was previously a non-prospect start putting up video game numbers in AAA. (Brennon Lund, who is a real player, and also kind of a non-prospect.)

    Here's what he's done:

    2016, age 21:

    .271/.316/.359 in low A ball

    2017, age 22:

    .306/.400/.428 in low A, then promoted to high A
    .321/.385/.423 in high A, then promoted to AA
    .287/.310/.336 in AA

    2018 (start of sim), age 23:

    .235/.318/.321 in AA

    2019, age 24:

    .292/.348/.443 in AA, then promoted to AAA
    .400/.422/.705 in AAA

    Those AAA numbers are in 112 plate appearances. He has a 177 OPS+, so it's not just a PCL park weirdness. As it happened, I had a minor injury on my big league club so I promoted him. In 73 big-league PA, he is hitting .328/.384/.433. So the question is, what the hell do I do with him? Do I dump someone else to keep him on the roster? Thank my lucky stars that I got the benefit of some fluky hot hitting and demote him? Something in between?

    The scouts see him as an "isn't projected to be an effective contributor" guy - average contact, above average speed, not much power.
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    I mean, ride that shit out until he falls back to earth. And if he never does, you got yourself Charlie Blackmon.
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    Generally, I trust the stats much more than the scout. Sometimes I end up with a LEGENDARY scout at evaluating minor league talent so I will lean on the scouting reports a bit more, and I also tend to do so during the first quarter of the season, but for the most part the stats drive my promotion/demotion decisions.

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    Yeah I always trust the stats. Sometimes even guys with bad ratings with put up huge numbers and then a big ratings boost will follow after. So when I do play with ratings off, I'll always trust the stats until they start to drop off. You can usually make a good educated guess where he should be after a few weeks to a month.

    Side note: I still really dislike the scouting system in OOTP unless I force myself to only use really terrible scouts and then I pretty much just rely on stats anyway.

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