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    Quote Originally Posted by darkhorse View Post
    Mats, it might be a good idea to run a report to see if all the teams are playing 160 game schedules.

    Edit: An owner's list would be useful as well.

    Aaah, forgot that owner's list is the first post in the Inaugural Draft thread.
    Everybody's playing a 154 game schedule. I have no idea what the preseason predictions report is doing to get its totals.

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    Usually, when I see something like that in one of my solo league's, it's because the league schedule didn't generate properly. A schedule audit would confirm whether things are hunky dory. That option is found under League Settings > Options > Edit League Schedule > Available Actions > Report Evaluation

    Regarding the number of games...

    "Overwatch League Rulebook

    The Overwatch League is intended to be a lighter, more casual league. Teams are not required, or expected, to export for every single sim and many of the league's rules are designed to allow for teams to take a more hands-off approach, if desired.

    1. Structure

    The Overwatch League is composed of 12 teams divided into 2 divisions. The team locations, names, logos, uniforms, and other identifying marks are based upon the teams in the real life Overwatch League.

    Beneath the major league are three minor leagues: AAA, AA, and A. All minor league teams carry identical identities to their parent clubs.

    There is no regular season interleague play. The season consists of 160 games (140 in AAA and AA; 120 in A) Only the division winners make it to the playoffs, where they will face off in a best-of-seven series for the Overwatch Cup. Ties will be broken with additional games."
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    Ahhh, I see. Well, turns out the regular season schedule can only be generated during the preseason, so I guess we're stuck playing 154 for the inaugural season in the major league. The schedule reports do show that everybody is scheduled for the same amount of games. The minor leagues are fixed, though.

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