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    Question about front office finances page

    In an online league I am in, I will be taking an expansion team when the enter the league in 3 seasons or so from now. Can someone explain the significance of market size in regards to attendance that the team has? I know if fan loyalty and fan interest are good the team should have good attendance as long as ticket prices aren't too high.
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    Market size as I understand it is potential attendance/media revenue. In reality, it would be related to population - how many people out there could consume your product? Fan interest will influence attendance in relation to market size -- low fan interest will offset a large market and vice-versa -- while loyalty affects stability -- will fans keep coming out if you start losing?

    Green Bay is a tiny market but because they have maximum fan interest and loyalty, they're among the league leaders in attendance. Chicago is a huge market but the Bears draw like crap because the team sucks so fan interest is low. But if for whatever reason the Bears and Packers had equal levels of fan interest and loyalty, you'd expect the Bears to draw more fans and get bigger media contracts because they have a much larger market. The Bears probably have a bigger media contract regardless because they have a much larger TV market.
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