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Thread: Talk political violence

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollis View Post
    While it is easier to kill people with a gun, the Nice truck attack killed 86 and wounded 458.
    Sure, true. In that particular situation it was a guy who'd commandeered a much larger truck and who then plowed it into a large celebration which had closed down the streets rather than driving into a bike lane and then running out of his van when he was inevitably forced to stop. There are just... so many moving parts that had to click right into place in order for the death toll in Nice to be as high as it was: the commandeering of the truck (actually I'm still not clear whether the truck was stolen or not), the way the driver slammed right through the barricades (which I am sure the next time they close down that street the police will have stronger barricades set up on the major thoroughfare) and then apparently zig-zagged around in order to avoid large obstacles and kill as many people as possible, even down to those attempts by onlookers and the police to pull the driver out of the truck which were unsuccessful.

    Not to take away from the tragedy but it's one of those ones that needed a lot of things to go horribly wrong in order to play out the way that it did whereas the Vegas shooting really just required someone willing to wait for a concert to happen, bust out a hotel room window, and start shooting.
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    There was a lot more to Las Vegas than that dude. It was extremely well planned out. Dude even had cameras connected to an iPad so he could see when the police were coming.
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    I'm not sure what the relevance of pointing that out in this case is though - the N.Y. attacker wasn't prevented from buying a gun by strict regulations (he lived in Tampa!) he was prevented from buying a gun (I'm assuming) because he was poor. If we're counting "careful planning and execution" as a resource needed for Nice but not for Vegas (and I'm not sure I agree with your police work there anyway; the Vegas shooter planned extensively) then I think you've got to count "tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars" as a resource that was needed for the Vegas attack and not for Nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollis View Post
    the Nice truck attack killed 86 and wounded 458.
    That doesn't sound Nice at all.

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    I mean, if you're drawing analogies to Vegas, the actual policy response to this is protected bike lanes. Which we indeed need more of. So let's do it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eck View Post
    That doesn't sound Nice at all.

    Worst children's story ever.

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