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Thread: Talk Cataclysm

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    Psychedelics, ranked:

    1. Liquid acid
    2. Shrooms
    3. Tabs

    I don’t remember any digestive problems with any of them, but I was 20 or 21 and could eat or drink basically anything. I’m pretty sure all the tab acid I took was cut with speed and/or strychnine, which really detracted from the experience. I liked shrooms better, but the one time I got to try the liquid was life-changing.
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    Another cool new wrinkle, every time you go in to a church or a cathedral now it's full to the brim with clothes, sunglasses, lighters, religious texts, etc. Almost as if a bunch of living people came to the church to pray as the world was ending and then had suddenly disappeared without a trace. As if they'd been raptured.
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    I'm a season and a half deep in a recent playthrough - there's still no game that delivers the experience this one does, potato graphics be damned. It's fun even when you're just cruising down the highway in a beat-up box truck trying to weave around wreckage because one more bump and your wheel might fall off and strand you. I've taken to playing the Really Bad Day start and just running for the hills immediately. You basically trade being useless in the first 24 hours for a ton of extra points for attributes to be badass with later on.

    This guy's first day was epic. Starting out in a heavily populated area he drove no fewer than five vehicles (if you count a bicycle as one) on his first day, destroying or seeing zombies destroy the first four. The new z-levels are cool - I escaped a certain death situation by jumping out a second-story window, though it did some damage, and by the time night was falling he survived only by popping a near-fatal amount of oxycodone to keep pedaling through the pain after burning himself almost to death by accidentally running a truck into a gas station. Now he's reasonably geared out (still need a welder) and has a remote farm base in the swamps, which seem more dangerous with this new DinoMod. There was an Allosaurus several hundred feet from my base but thankfully he wandered away.
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