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Thread: Bees 1, phenom 0

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    A few 60mm mortar rounds should be enough to take care of that situation. (The wasp nest, that is, not the stings on your neck and shoulder. Though I suppose mortar shells would take care of that, too, in a way.)

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    I wanted napalm and a flamethrower. I don't think a mortar round is a good choice really compared to an all-encompassing 30 foot flame spewing deadly heat.

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    Don't call it that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xulfer Cirtsag View Post
    So, anyhow, Saturday afternoon I went golfing and joined up with a couple of others. On the 12th hole got too much hook on his draw and put it under some trees between the 11th and 12th fairways. I had hit a really poor tee shot, a sky high pop up short and left. I had played my second shot to get back into the fairway and in play and was walking up, when suddenly I heard the one guy yelling. I looked up to where he and the other guy were, they were riding a cart together, I see the guy running and waving his arms around his head and then when he reached the fairway, he dropped and rolled some.

    I'm like, wtf? Then I saw what had caused the commotion. A huge massive paper wasp nest was hanging from a tree branch, just high enough that if you're looking down for your ball, you probably won't notice. The top of his backswing jostled the nest and he got attacked. He dropped his club and ran.

    He got stung all over his head, he said it felt like one got in his ear even. Back of neck, arms, around the hands some. Fortunately he wasn't allergic. But we called the pro shop to tell them, "Hey, there's this big massive fucking wasp nest out here." After about 10 minutes or so, 2 young guys showed up in a cart, and when we pointed out the nest to them, you could see the look of holy fuck on their faces, along with the fact that the tiny can of insecticide they had brought was not nearly enough for that seething mass of hatred hanging in the tree. They ended up making plans about acquiring more firepower as well as to go look if there was any benadryl available.

    I had retrieved the club after a bit of time when the nest seemed to be calming down. I probably should have waited a couple more minutes though, I got stung a few times on my neck and right shoulder.
    Yea man, you start talking about messing with their tax breaks and the WASPs get pissy. That's what you get for invading the WASPs natural habitat, the golf course.

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