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Thread: Thoughts You Have Because Everything Is Totally Random

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    What do you do, Vargas? Sixto's Avatar
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    Hanging with the Dalai Lama
    Get away from all the drama
    Got here riding on a llama
    But I'm blissed out now and calmer
    Eating treats from Fannie Farmer
    Stuck here in your diorama
    I'm a cute lil guy, a charmer
    But you fuck around with Karma
    I will start a four-alarmer
    And before them fools respond, I
    Promise you you'll be a goner
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    And it's one more beer and I don't hear you anymore

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    Every time I see the word “Botswana” Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” starts playing in my head, except with Botswana subbed in for the “They just wanna, they just wanna” part.

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    So more a random occurrence as opposed to a random thought, but a random thought caused it so...

    So was really bored tonight and saw on khan academy that you could do SAT tests....and I figured "hey...I haven't done any of this since grunge was a thing. Let's get a laugh."

    So I did it. Expected to get a lousy mark.

    Ended up with a 1280. That's goodish right?
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    I want a smiley with a top hat and a monocle that drops off as his expression changes to one of utter shock.
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    “Let sad dogs nurse and worry gloom; I was born to be happy, and if there's nothing to be cheerful about I will rely on my gift of laughter and my sense that the world is mad.” - R. Edroso

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