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Thread: General FM thread I started

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    General FM thread I started

    There's a point at which a team like Notts County simply won't be able to spend all the cash it has available (sort of like how Man City keeps settling for their second choice with each transfer) because the players just won't sign. You could probably just give them a 10 million bank account and you most likely wouldn't be able to spend all of it in your first two seasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sixto View Post
    I did send McShane to Wolfsburg while bringing in phenoms Felipe (from Brazil, 3M) and Eden Hazard (2M) from Lille. I also brought in real-life Wigan hero Hugo Rodallega, who was a mere 1M, as striker insurance.
    Woo! Re-reading this thread was a thrill. Who the hell was the guy posting in this thread?? I almost sorta remember this although not really, and I certainly would never have remembered it again if not for the existence of this thread.

    Although I've been watching the Premier League intently for 12 years now, I've never been that interested in tactical tweaking. I've read Inverting the Pyramid but not much of it penetrated to be honest, and many of y'all who have been into soccer for way less time know way more about tactics than I do. I loved reading about the primitive options that we used to have and the ways they used to confound us (me). But more than anything else I love the above quote, which is the first and last time I ever mentioned Eden Hazard in this thread.

    I used to love me a huge squad, and you can see that here. What in the world was I doing with 10 defenders? Of course they complained that there was too much competition. Yeesh.

    Some of the things I read in here brought back memories of the ways that FM used to be extreeeeeeemely frustrating. But damn if reading this doesn't make me want to see if I can find FM 09 in the basement. Dwight Yorke played for me! I totally don't remember that and totally did not appreciate the fact that Dwight Yorke played for me when I managed him. Didn't know much Premier League history at all at that point. Also: El Hadji Diouf played for me, another lol. Today putting him on the transfer list would be the first thing I'd do upon taking over. Good times.
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